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Bohra Sports Club Fun Rally 2012 0

Bohra Sports Club Fun Rally 2012

The Bohra Sports Club organized its much anticipated Annual Fun Car Rally on the 25th of March 2012, for the sixth time. The Fun Rally is organized to coincide with Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s (TUS) Milad Mubarak celebrations.
This year a record total of 32 vehicles took part ranging from cars & vans to 4WD & SUVs.  Among the field of teams mainly comprising of young adults, 5 ladies-only teams and 2 senior teams also took part.

Lailatul Qadar 1429 0

Lailatul Qadar 1429

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Bohras clinch 19 run victory! 0

Bohras clinch 19 run victory!

The BOHRA-MEMON Challenge Trophy played at the R. Premadasa International Stadium on the 2nd of September 2007 came to an exciting, nail biting finish with the BOHRA SPORTS CLUB emerging victorious by a narrow margin of 19 runs. The BOHRA S.C, having first lease of the wicket were in a...



There are around 600 Mumineen houses in Colombo and Suburban areas. However there are a few mumineen who are living in rented houses and desperately wanting to live in houses of their own. By the Raza and Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula TUS, a scheme was initiated under the Upliftment...