With joyous sticks, drummed the Yemeni
The pleasant music which soothed souls
The chorus that played all day long, a harmony
Moods of happiness celebrated Meelad of Maula

Yemeni dance whilst women melodiously trumpeting
A sound made like the Red Indians, a divine yell
To greet Maula as he arrives, men with knifes dancing
Dancing. Singing. Smiling. All in happiness of Meelad

The encircling mountains, bowed at His Majesties presence
The cool winds, played to Maula, a tune of joy
The flowery environment created a sensational essence
It was an incredible Meelad in incredible Yemen

Grandiose Nur of Syedna Hatim and Nur of his Dai, his son
Maula inaugurated a fabulous monument, his mausoleum
An eternal radiance gleamed. Syedna Hatim in Maula he shone
It was Nurun Ala Nurin Ala Nur. Heaven it was, not Yemen.

Abde Syedna TUS
Mustafa Sh Juzer bhai
Mahad al Zahra