Surat ul Maedat is the 5th surat of the Quran e Majeed. A maedat is a thaal laden with varieties of food. The surat is so named for the ayats within it relating the narrative of the hawariyeen (disciples) of Maulana Isa (AS). Rasulullah (SAW) once listed important events such as his wiladat, mab’ath and hijrat; they all had occurred on a Monday. Surat ul Maedat too was revealed on a Monday.

A humble request

The hawariyeen of Maulana Isa (AS) humbly requested him that a maedat be sent down to them from the heavens. Maulana Isa (AS) counseled them to the seriousness of the request. Again they humbly beseeched “we would like to eat from it that our hearts be relieved and we know that you have been truthful to us.”

Isa Nabi (AS) prayed for a maedat to be sent down; a maedat that would be Eid and an ayat (miracle) for people forever to come. The maedat descended with a warning: if anyone dared disbelieve after this mojeza, then indeed azaab would be severe.

The shaan of Fatema(SA)

Maulatuna Fatema (SA) is the syeda of the women of aalameen. Maulatuna Mariam ul Azra, mother of Isa Nabi(AS), wished to do khidmat of Maulatuna Fatema (SA)

One day Rasulullah (SAW) was fasting, Jibraeel came to him with the message to have iftar at the house of Ali(SA) and Fatema(SA). Fatema saw Rasulullah (SAW) approach the house with Amir ul Mumineen (SA). Knowing there was no food in the house, Fatema(SA) entered her mehrab and prayed 2 rak’at namaz. In her sajda Maulatuna Fatema (SA) beseeched Allah to send down a maedat upon her as he had upon the hawariyeen. No sooner did Fatema (SA) lift her head, but a thaal abundant with steaming plates of fragrant food was sent down. Mohammed(SAW) Ali (SA) Fatema(SA) Hasan(SA) and Husain(SA) partook of this maedat together.

Mawaid of Ale Mohammed (SA)

Imam (SA) states when the mawaid of Ale Mohammed are laid out malaikat flock upon them performing istighfar for those who partake of them.

It is the ehsaan of Duat Kiram (RA) that they have fed mumineen from the mawaid of Ale Mohammed. Aqa Maula (TUS) once advised, “I would that I feed you morsels from the mawaid of Ale Mohammed with my own hands.” Ashara Mubaraka is an occasion when mumineen experience both the barakaat of the ‘ilm of Ale Mohammed and partake of food that Aqa Maula (TUS) describes as faakhir. Indeed these mawaid nourish the soul, feed the body and fill the very being with barakaat.

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