O ft one wonders,
  of sojourns framed into time,
N estling with neighbours,
  far away from all the grime,
C hivvied towards love,
  from songs of birds up above,
E ncased in lore and fable,
  of Peace being indivisible…

I n these times,
  of such & such an evil,
N ethered are the grimes,
  of their ersatz struggle,

A llayed was i by a heavenly will,
  from crvices of such & such a peril.

L ife is lived but once,
  in trust, companionship and happiness,
I n epideictic non chalance,
  and freedom in times replaceless,
F ettled to a heart,
  of Peace and serenity,
E ffusively in the start,
  in Eve’s garden of Serendipity…

T hese amidst the tides of time,
  are but verses to Peace written in rythm & rhyme,
I mplacable is her will of reason,
  for what we see, they see through their sanction,
M ellifluently one thus wonders,
  in a land so arable,
E ncased in Lore and Fable,
  of Peace being indivisible.

By Huzefa Sh Asgarally.
15th April 2007.

[Writer of community-specific
and topical theme acrostic