“Bawaji Saheb ye’ Africa si wada’ thati waqt aa’misl
farmayu’thu, e’j misl aa’j me’ kahu chu:

Ma’thu nichu’ kari ne’, a’nkh masi a’nsu nikali ne’,
ikhlaas si mane’ yaad karse’, t’o me’ ehni’ madad ma’
aa’wis. Jo’ em na’ karu, t’o me’ Imam uz zaman nu Dai nahi’.”

Kale’maat Maulanal Mina’am (TUS) fi’ majlis al’wada’
al Kuwait.

Trust in your heart,
be faithful to Aqa Maula,
O ur belief from the start,
is for the final deen of Allah Ta’ala.

Inside the believer’s chest,
is the nuqto’thun noor,
Distinguishing him from the rest,
protecting him from Iblis’s lure,
Entrenched are dissidents,
whose heart’s are filled with darkness,
Not seeing our Maula’s benevolence,
they aspire to make do in hopelessness,
Trying to democratically bring freedom,
to an apparently educated minority,
Inciting hatred rather than forming a schism,
their aspirations stem from vanity,
For they believe that democracy is perfect,
and the leaders thus elected are so too,
Yet they defy Allah Ta’ala’s reason to select,
those upon whome He sees hope and virtue.

And the ways of the world,
immediately seemed unfurled,

The ashram of the dissident camp,
is but an ersatz struggle,
Reducing the light of the lamp,
they desire to spread a democratic evil,
Undoubtedly sold to their members,
by way of transparent equivocations,
Enticing the youngsters and sinners,
showing them irrefutable derivations.

But what system is perfect?
oh believer i ask you in earnest,
Even you and i know how to select,
what is poor, good and the best,
Leaving refrain for when things are poor,
and motivation when times are good,
Indeed the true believer,
can survive in any neighbourhood,
Enduring the passing,
of wrong doers wanting to be right,
Vigilant of their plotting,
in a world which condones their ‘plight’,
Each believer in their chest,
has a drop of noor ensuring his freedom,
Rufescent are the skys of the west,
for this noor exists because
of a matchless martyrdom.

By Huzefa Sh. Asgarally.